The World Bank Joins Visualizing

The World Bank Joins Visualizing

We’re excited to announce a partnership with the World Bank. Working to reduce poverty around the globe, the World Bank is one of the largest and most dedicated providers of open data.

Engage and explore data sets from the World Bank on their new Data Channel. Create a visualization using their data and it will be displayed on their page. Post a comment outlining suggestions for visualizing their data or complementary data sets.

Also, Visualizing and the World Bank have teamed up to launch a Sprint for tomorrow's International Open Data Day. Attendees at the Washington DC Open Data Day 2013 Hackathon, taking place at the World Bank headquarters, will be working on the Sprint, but we encourage the entire Visualizing community to participate. 

Get the Sprint details here!

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This is great! So much interesting and exciting to know. - Marla Ahlgrimm

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