MOVIES RANKING_The 50 Best Movies Of All Time (part 1)

MOVIES RANKING_The 50 Best Movies Of All Time (part 1)

Our idea was to create the "ultimate 50 best movies of all time" ranking, so we made a comparison between 5 magazines.

In the first graph we put a 50 movies list taken from 5 specialized magazines. In the first column there is the average ranking and in the others the magazine one. It is possible to visualize the path of every movie and to follow how the ranking changes from the average. While the user is rolling on a movie’s name, a pop-up containing movie information opens on the right.

The Magazines graph compares the average results with every magazine’s one and shows that TSP is the closest to the average as well. The algorithm that determines the similarity between the elements is based on a standard deviation. The boldest arch which connects the dots shows the magazine chart closest to the average.

The “The Best 10” graph focalizes on the ranking of each movie. The graph is like an orthogonal projection of a stylized sphere where the meridians are the magazines and the paths are the movies. The ax is in the ray and it ends in the center (50).

The Years’ graph shows the movies’ concentration per decades. The darkest gradient of grey indicates the highest concentrations.

The Countries’ graph is functional to know the most frequent provenience of movies. The order of the countries shows how the concentration decreases.

The Directors’ graph illustrates how many movies in every magazine’s chart are associated to a singular director.

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Alberto Boscagli
Francesca Casadio
Guglielmo Civardi
Luca Fontò
Laura Pesenti
Davide Pizzi

Developed during the Workshop "Culture Data Culture" held by Santiago Ortiz Herrera at Politecnico di Milano.

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Posted Dec 11, 2012
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